ABC Dragon's Den Pitch Night

Special thanks to the partners of ABC, without these partners we wouldn’t be able to deliver the events that we do.

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The Pitchers

  • Pitchers have 3 minutes to deliver a prepared pitch about their company or idea.
  • We will try to find 6-8 pitchers.
  • Pitchers will have to be at least the ideation stage, but preferably have started already. This is not a requirement but just nice to have. It makes it easier for the Jury to give you more detailed feedback.
  • Pitchers don’t necessarily have to be looking for investment but also just feedback.
  • If the pitcher is looking for investment, this should be stated at the end of their pitch. Namely, how much investment they are looking for and possibly for how much in return.

The Jury

  • There will be 3-4 people as part of the Jury (to be confirmed).
  • It is up to the Jury members to decide whether they want to invest or not in one of the pitchers. Therefore, investing is optional.
  • Some of the pitchers are really looking for valuable feedback to take their business idea or concept to the next level. Therefore we would like the jury members to be as honest as possible in a nice manner of course.
  • It is recommended for the Jury members to arrive to Station88 15 minutes before the start of contest so as to familiarize themselves with the venue and the structure of the event.

Willem de Bruin

Rob Bogaers

Floris Heesters


Operational director at Regio Business

Founder & Director at FindFactory

General Director at HELDER Groep B.V.

Helder Groep

Helder Groep is the place to be as a SME looking for help with the financial side of doing business!

They offer financial accompaniment for entrepreneurs by analyzing the current situation, making a plan together with the customer, and accompany the customer with following this plan.


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TalentFactory is the place to go for students, graduates and young professionals whe it comes to internships, side-jobs and starters functions. Are you looking for one of these things, don’t hesitate to contact them via the links below!



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