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About the Academic Business Club

The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a networking organisation for all student entrepreneurs and students that have the ambition to start a business. It is our mission to inspire and make people enthusiastic about start ups.

The Academic Business Club was started in 2004 by Prof. Drs. Joop G. Vianen and students from Tilburg University. This initiative was started because students wanted to broaden their knowledge on the field of entrepreneurship.

For who?

ABC is interesting for every students interested in entrepreneurship! Via our community young entrepreneurs will network with people sharing the same ambitions and therefore gain valuable contacts, ideas and experiences.

What's in it for you?

Visit activities to be informed and inspired, become an ABC entrepreneur and present yourself on our website. Network with other ABC'ers and be part of amazing ABC nights!

ABC Nights

On an ABC night we welcome 2 interesting and different guests that will talk about their start ups. They tell different stories about challenges, ambitions and other tips for entrepreneurs. At the end of every ABC Nights there will be a possibility to network. Interested? Join an ABC Night because it is free of charge and accessible for everyone!

ABC Talks

During an ABC Talk, one big entrepreneur gives a reading to a bigger audience. The subjects of such a night can be very diverse. Business is everywhere and we like to show that during an ABC Talk!

ABC Visits

With an ABC Visit we visit an inspiring organisation or event. An example of an ABC Visit is the broadcast of an RTL Z in business and the 'How to get there summit' in Rotterdam.


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