Friends of ABC is a new initiative to connect those involved in the ABC by starting the real "Business Club". For years we have been busy inspiring students with regard to entrepreneurship, but we still lacked a real support base with committed students and entrepreneurs. This year we really want to involve these true supporters in the ABC, by creating a community where students and entrepreneurs with the same interests come closer together. In addition, it is of enormous value to the ABC so that the events we organize can even better shape. 

Friends of ABC are divided into 3 types of friends:

  • The studying friend, as a student it is possible to be part of ABC as a friend for €30.

  • The entrepreneurial friend, as entrepreneur it is possible to be part of ABC for €50.

  • The merciful friends, for the ones that want to go the extra mile for ABC. For these friends it is possible to determine your own amount from €50. 



What is in it for you?

As a friend of ABC, you will receive access to ABC's annual private networking event and a ticket to The Road Symposium. In addition, we will keep you informed of further developments within ABC and the upcoming events via our newsletter.