Partners of ABC

Special thanks to the partners of ABC, without these partners we wouldn’t be able to deliver the events that we do.

Find out more about our partners down below!

Van Spaendonck

Van Spaendonck is a company that focuses on helping SME’s (Small-medium sized Enterprises). They help SME’s to grow and to solve problems within the company. They offer multiple solutions that help SME’s to get the knowledge, network, and employee solutions that they need. 


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Findfactory is your digital agency!

They do everything from helping with SEO to analysis of your current digital situation.

Want to learn more about the digital environment yourself, not just for your company? Then you can take one of the many courses offered by Findfactory



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Helder Groep

Helder Groep is the place to be as a SME looking for help with the financial side of doing business!

They offer financial accompaniment for entrepreneurs by analyzing the current situation, making a plan together with the customer, and accompany the customer with following this plan.


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Regio Business

Want to broaden your network? Regio Business is the way to go!

Each month they organise a so called “BoB Borrel” where entrepreneurs from the Brabant area come to network and share stories with each other. Next to this they also organize masterclasses, talkshows and more!


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Rabobank is the cooperative bank for ambitious, fast-growing companies. Rabobank believes in the power of innovating together.
Is your company working on an innovative idea? We want to get to know you and your company!


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For more information, visit Rabobank’s special Startup & Scale-up page.


TalentFactory is the place to go for students, graduates and young professionals when it comes to internships, side-jobs and starters functions. Are you looking for one of these things, don’t hesitate to contact them via the links below!


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