“Inspiring the new generation of entrepeneurial thinkers.”

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About us

We are the Academic Business Club and we want to inspire you!

By hosting different events throughout the year, you can expand your network and get in contact with existing entrepreneurs and like-minded people.


We are proud to announce that we are the most international board of ABC to date!

As the new board, we like to make the events more available to international students.

Our vision is to share the entrepreneurial mindset with everyone interested in this!


From left to right: Vincenz Mader, Jules Karremans, Marian Linders, Liv Zwikker, Franciszek Golebiowski

Upcoming Events:


Oct. 2023

ABC Night #1

The Academic Business Club is back  under a new board, but with the same enthusiasm and events as always. 

We would love to see you at our first ABC Night of this academic year!

Join a committee

For each event we organize, a dedicated team manages various aspects such as speaker coordination, social media updates, and collaboration with fellow members.


Despite our dedicated board of five members, these tasks cannot be tackled single-handedly. This is why we seek your support and warmly invite you to join one of our committees. Doing so will not only help us but also provide you with the chance to broaden your network and actively participate in our activities.


Feel free to contact us at any point if you are interested in joining one of our committees!


These partners are the reason ABC can organise their events.

Part of one of the old boards of ABC?

For the former board members and individuals affiliated with ABC, we have set up ABC4Friends. By being part of ABC’s Friends, you get to be part of a yearly growing community and are invited to an annual networking drink to catch up and remember the good old times!

For more information shoot us an email via the button below!





Professor de Moorplein 521, 5037DP Tilburg

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